File Crawler: Allows you to view all uploaded data.
Cache Status: view status of launched cellxgene servers.

How To Upload Data via SSH and SCP:

  1. Confirm that your ssh key has been properly added. Running the following command should connect you to the server:
  2. ssh ec2-user@None
  3. Prepare your data on your own machine. They should be in a common folder called 'USER' and should look
    similar to the following structure:
  4. - USER
        - hpc.h5ad
        - pbmc3k.h5ad
  5. Copy your data to the server (replace USER with your username):
  6. ssh ec2-user@None 'mkdir -p /share/cellxgene/demo/USER/'
    ssh ec2-user@None 'mkdir -p /share/cellxgene/demo/USER/DATA/'
    scp -r pbmc3k.h5ad ec2-user@None:/share/cellxgene/demo/USER/DATA/
  7. Take a look at your data using the file crawler link above